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BIONIC Media Group is a spin-off in a new direction for SyndicateOfGamers.com.  With over twenty years experience building high end gaming systems, our expertise in the various areas of technical, design, troubleshooting, and marketing, will be vital to your success.

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We aim to provide you with the confidence to transition from development, to production.


Our experience in computer hardware, cameras, and mobile phones, as well as dedicated hardware such as game consoles, has all bases covered.


With broad experience in various networking technologies including G.FAST, G-PON, E-PON, and day-to-day networking, we understand your product.


Having worked closely with reputable software developers in the past, we aim to offer our hardware partners with the same high-level testing processes, to elevate your game.

We are PASSIONATE about technology.  Our aim is to give YOU the CONFIDENCE to transition your product from DEVELOPMENT, to PRODUCTION.


Our Services Include:

Our in-house testing process will ensure your product will be put through rigorous testing and diagnostics where required, both within, and outside the boundaries of normal day to day use.  We will provide feedback, results, and recommendations, for improvement, bug reporting, or other quality relevant purposes.

Your products, will, with your approval, and with respect to non-disclosure agreements, be subject to video and or audio coverage over various forms of social media.  We will at your request, withhold any information covered by your NDA.  Our coverage will be unbiased, and honest; any criticisms will be addressed to our point of contact to ensure its legitimacy before any footage goes live.

We maintain a strict privacy policy with every product that comes through the doors.  Engineering samples are treated with utmost confidence, and will not at any point be subjected to inspection, or testing by any competitor or third party.

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